YUI Weekly for February 14th, 2014

By YUI TeamFebruary 14, 2014

Welcome to YUI Weekly, the weekly roundup of news and announcements from the YUI team and community.

Release News

Yeti 0.2.27 was released this week. This release of Yeti brings code coverage reporting provided by Istanbul. Check out the latest docs on Yeti's website.

Pure 0.4.1 was also released this week. This Pure release brings a bunch of little enhancements to your favorite mini CSS library.

YUI Open Roundtable

This week's Open Roundtable featured Drew Folta discussing Intl support in Modown. The talk was a great introduction to using Intl for localizing your Modown projects.

YUIConf Videos

The following YUIConf videos were released over the course of the week:

In the JavaScript World

There were some interesting developments this week in the world of JavaScript:

That's all for this week! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!