YUI Weekly for February 22, 2014

By YUI TeamFebruary 22, 2014

Welcome to another week for YUI Weekly - the weekly roundup of news and announcements from the YUI team and the community! We've got some exciting news about the upcoming release, a great guest on this week's Roundtable, and a new batch of YUIConf videos!

Release News

We released the release candidate for YUI 3.15.0 on February 19th, notably containing a new loading API through Y.require, additions to Promises, and a change to ModelSync.Local's internal storage mechanism. We also got a lot of great contributions from the community during this release, so a big thank you to everyone who helped to make YUI better.

It's available for you to use directly off our CDN, as a zip, or installable through npm.

You can see the full list of all of the changes in our release rollup right here. Please definitely let us know if you come across any bugs by filing an issue on GitHub.

Open Roundtable

This week's Open Roundtable continued our YUI in the Wild series, where we chat with different folks from a variety of companies, who tell us about some cool things they've been doing with YUI, based on our past In the Wild blog posts.

For this week's guest, we had Daniel Stockman from Zillow come in to talk about how they began to integrate the d3 visualization library into their application. We talked about how to customize your own d3 build, some ways of organizing an application using both d3 and the YUI App Framework, and how Zillow is creating new build tools to improve developer productivity.

Zillow has a few of their tools that they use open-sourced on GitHub, so definitely check them out over there!

If your company or team is interested in being featured on the next YUI in the Wild, feel free to contact Andrew Wooldridge, our Community Engineer, and we can help you set up a time or discuss content!

YUIConf Videos

The following YUIConf videos were released this week:

More in the World of YUI

That's all for now - hope everyone has a great week, and get ready for the release of YUI 3.15.0!