YUI Weekly for March 14th, 2014

By YUI TeamMarch 15, 2014

Welcome to YUI Weekly, the weekly roundup of news and announcements from the YUI team and community.

Release News


The Pure team released Pure 0.5.0 Release Candidate 1 this week. This RC includes a complete overhaul of Pure's current Grid system, and replaces it with a new mobile-first responsive grid.

There have also been new additions to the Pure Website, including a brand new Getting Started page and new Grids Documentation. Since this is an RC release, you can find the new changes over on the staging website.

Let us know what you think of the new changes! We'll squash any remaining bugs and release Pure 0.5.0 shortly.

YUI Open Roundtable

This week's YUI Open Roundtable featured discussions with Seth Bertalotto, Eric Ferraiuolo and yours truly. Seth showed off how Yahoo uses custom Yeoman generators to create modules, while Eric and I discussed the latest Pure release.

YUIConf Videos

Unless I'm mistaken, all the YUIConf videos have now been made available! Hurrah! You can check out the complete playlist over on the YUI Library Youtube Channel.

The World of JavaScript

Here are some good articles to get you up-to-speed on what's been happening in the world of JavaScript this week.

  • Chris Sevilleja wrote a post explaining the upcoming changes in Express 4.0.
  • Tagtree has started a video series on ES6. The first video is out and it covers arrow functions, string templating and destructuring assignments. I like these videos since they are short and easily consumable.
  • The folks over at Segment.io released MetalSmith, an extremely simple, pluggable static site generator. I'm looking forward to checking this out.

That's all for this week. Catch you in 7 days!